Students conversing with their teacher while working on a project

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8125 + Ext. Teacher website
Johnson, Sommer  Principal   4526  
Thomas, Danyelle Assistant  Principal   TBA  
Dean of Students 4043  
Main Office Support
Name Position Email Address    
Gutierrez, Leticia Lead Secretary 3221  
Diaz, Yesenia West Secretary 4055  
Quintero, Gabriela East Secretary 3225  
Palominos, Lupe Special Education Secretary 5017  
Counseling Secretary Registrar 3230  
Osores-Lagos, Roxana Attendance Secretary 4052  
Community Learning Center (CLC)
Name Position Email Address    
Rigo, Loeza CLC Director 3753  
Ruth, Dustin  CLC Lead Launch Support 3041  
Name Position Email Address    
Torsen, Gwen Counselor 3232  
Holmes, Debra Counselor 4077  
Kreisman, Josh  Counselor 3025  
Bustamante, Jacob ELD Facilitator 3106  
Ruiz, Virgil  ELD Teacher  3256  
Heatherly,  Nathan Migrant Family Student Outreach Coordinator 3035  
Petrie, Holly  Mental Health Specialist 4018  
Anderson, Amy  Motor Team - OT for District 3253  
Bair, Tess  Motor Team - Adaptive P.E. for District 3251  
Howarth, Melissa  Motor Team - OT for District 3255  
Rodriguez, Melanie Motor Team - OT for District 3236  
Waterstreet, Katie Motor Team - OT for District 3254  
Lowther, Ken Music Teacher 4040  
Quinn, Marisa Music Teacher 3038  
Hansen, Pete Physical Education Teacher- West 4061  
Physical Education Teacher- East 3244  
Stewart, Tatem Band Teacher for District 3688  
Rayburn, Mikela 
Teacher for District  5132  
Marshall, Greg Advanced Math Teacher- 6th 4024  
Fulton, Jennifer  Title 1 Teacher 3045  
Quennoz, Theresa Speech/Language Pathologist 3048  
Harris, Meghan Special Education Teacher 3047  
Tinoco, Charlene Special Education Teacher 4034  
McMillion, Travis  Social Empowerment Facilitator 4018  
Zane, Marquis Special Education Facilitator 3234  
Louks, Erin Special Education Pals Program Facilitator  8004  
Diaz-Ramos, Irma  School Psychologist 3046  
Name Position Email Address    
Adcock, Jordan
5th Grade
Teacher 3014  
Ansari, Laura 6th Grade Teacher 3245  
Begg, Candice  6th Grade Teacher  3050  
Bishop, Hailey 5th Grade Teacher  4101  
Copeland, Crystal  6th Grade DLP Teacher  3021  
Fernandez, Alicia  5th Grade DLP Teacher 3226  
Hermens, Sarah 6th Grade Teacher 4032  
6th Grade Teacher  4045  
Long, Dana 5th Grade Teacher 3053  
Martinez, Jesus 5th Grade Teacher  3057  
Moore, Elizabeth 5th Grade Teacher 4059  
Peyton, Amy 5th Grade Teacher 3055  
Rojo-Perez, Alondra 6Th Grade DLP Teacher 4059  
Sebby, Sara  6th Grade Teacher  3051  
Seitz, Ellie
Nickelsen, Justin  
5th Grade Teacher 3023  
Slick, Lyndsey  5th Grade Teacher  4047  
Spiering, Lisa   6th Grade Teacher  4016  
Story, Lisa  5th Grade Teacher  4006  
Stronach, Natalie 5th Grade Teacher 4042  
Trowbridge, Carla 6th Grade Teacher 3249  
Willms, Marcie 5th Grade Teacher 4044 website link
Instructional Support
Name Position Email Address    
Adcock, Julius Instructional Assistant- General    
Arvin, Amy  Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Clapshaw, Corinne Instructional Assistant - Special Education 4039  
Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Erickson, Carey Instructional Assistant - Special Education 3033  
Groshong, Victoria  Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Hanna, Rachelle  Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Hotchkiss, Caylee East Heath Aide 4050  
Hryciw, Mandy Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Jeffers, Olivia Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
Johnson, Jasmine
Instructional Assistant-
Climate Ally West    
Joseph, Margaret
Instructional Assistant-
Special Education     
Josefek, Crystal Instructional Assistant- General    
Kyle, Sara Instructional Assistant - Special Education 4055  
 TBA Instructional Assistant - ELL 3027  
Martinez, Sandy
Instructional Assistant -
Climate Ally West 4048  
Marshall, Quinn Assistant - Title 1    
Oliva, Esther  Instructional Assistant - Special Education 3026  
Pang, Patty Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
 Assistant - Title 1    
Rodriguez, Marilyn  Instructional Assistant - Special Education     
Ruth, Tessa Instructional Assistant- Climate Ally East 3231  
Shaw, Justin Instructional Assistant - Special Education 3028  
Shields, Hannah
Title 1 Assistant    
Still, Meghan
Instructional Assistant - Special Education    
 Swan, Lindsay
West Health Aide 3227   
Tabor, Jascha
Title 1 Assistant    
VanBemmel, Julie 
Instructional Assistant -
Climate Ally East  3241  
Vega-Hernandez, Moises 
Instructional Assistant - Special Education     
Vera, Leslie  Instructional Assistant - ELL     
Ward, Gina  Library Media Technician  3240