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Welcome! This site is designed for YOU, our student! 
Growing up can be tricky and stressful. We hope that the resources you find here will provide support and ideas on how you can transition into becoming a teenager a bit easier.
Enjoy ~


If you or someone you know is in immediate need of mental health help,

please call the Washington County Crisis Line at 



National Suicide Prevention Hotline





If you need help from a counselor or administrator during the school year, you can use this electronic "I Need Help" form!

WEST I Need Help Form

EAST I Need Help Form




Are you feeling some stress about distance learning or about life in general?

Try some of these stress management activities!

"Terrible First Times" - Navigating Distance Learning due to Covid-19
shouting boy
Feeling stress? Anxiety? Worry? Anger? Disappointment? Calm? Relaxation? Happiness? Or a combination of all of these?

All of these feelings are very normal right now, and a lot of people are feeling them. You're not alone!

We need to give ourselves a break. Remember this is the first time all of us have had to stay home for this long and do distance learning, and it's not all easy fun and games.

Take a look at this video and take some deep breaths. This will be over at some point, and it will be OK.
Yoga For Lowering Stress
These Stress Management activities are optional, but I would encourage you to look at them, especially if you're feeling some stress!

Yoga is a brilliant way to de-stress! It relaxes and energizes your body, calms and focuses your mind, and it can be fun, too. Take a look at the article, and then click on the second link to open some videos. Give some of the activities a try!

This first video link has a bunch of short (1-2 minutes) videos:
This second link has one 10 minute video:
Anti-stress Coloring
Coloring isn’t just for little kids! People of all ages color to take their minds off of things that are bothering them and put their minds onto something relaxing and creative.

This website allows you to color online or to print coloring pages and color on paper. There are lots of options for coloring for all ages! Check it out and have fun!
Digital Relaxation Station
Daydreaming Chimpanzee
We are really excited about our new Digital Relaxation Station!

When you're dysregulated and feeling OFF BALANCE (when you're in the BLUE, YELLOW, or RED zone), this will help you check in with your feelings and guide you through activities to help you get back to the GREEN zone.

You can use this as many times as you want! Just stay in the edit view. Don't click on "present" or it won't be interactive.
We are posting two options:
  1.  The Digital Relaxation Station
  2.  Video Instructions for the Digital Relaxation Station
If you want to jump into the Relaxation Station without looking at the video, that's fine! The video just helps you know how to use it.

Time for a Dance Party!
animated girl
Research tells us that Exercise and movement lower the amount of stress-causing chemicals in your body and increases the feel-good chemicals, so take a homework break, and let’s get moving! Use the link below to go to Go Noodle, then grab any adults and kids you can find in your house for a 3-4 minute dance party!
Of course there's no shame in dancing alone! In the words of Billy Idol in the 80s...
   Well, there's nothing to lose
   And there's nothing to prove, well,
   Dancing a-with myself
(there are also fun games and yoga videos here!)
“Grounding techniques” are powerful tools to help you connect to the “here and now” and stop spiraling worries!
Open the slide presentation, and take a look. It's not a video, and there's no sound. Let me know if you have any questions!
Take care of yourselves!
Laughing Otters
Ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine?”
For stress, it’s certainly one of the best!!
This weekend, take some time to find a movie, a show, some vines, a story, some jokes...SOMETHING to make you laugh until your sides hurt and tears are rolling down your face!
Below are some joke websites to get you started. 
Guided Imagery
Using guided imagery can help calm your mind and body and reduce your stress!
Try the exercise here in the video, and you can check out the link for more.