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Community Learning Center (CLC)

The Community Learning Center (CLC) Extended Day program at Tom McCall Elementary School serves 482 during the 2019-20 school year.  TMUES CLC offers 32 Clubs Monday through Thursday from 2:15-5:00PM on the Tom McCall campus. These Clubs are advised by FGSD staff, community members and partners, ensuring students grow and connect academically, socially, & emotionally.  All students receive a free meal immediately after school as well as transportation home at either 4:00PM or 5:00PM. To learn more about our CLC, visit our website monthly for the highlighted Clubs of the Month.
Monthly Club Highlight
Month CLC Club Highlighted Advisor
November Orchestra Nunez/Rayburn
November Chess and Games Ruiz
November Yearbook Club  
December Tutorial Erickson
December Band Schlazer
January Free Style Dance Trejo
January Gaming & Design Shaw
January Soccer Club Martinez
February Chicos Contreras
February Origami and Doodle Sebby
February Fun/Juegos  Vega
March Arts & Crafts Miranda
March Unified Club Bair
March Mid City Hip Hop Trejo/Bell
April Roots & Shoots Graham
April Chicas Ambrosio
April SMILE Club Trowbridge
May Astronomy Club Shaw
May Student Council Willms
May Girl Scouts Club Johnson