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Community Learning Center (CLC) » 2019 December's Featured Clubs: Band & Tutorial Support

2019 December's Featured Clubs: Band & Tutorial Support

TMUES Beginning Band is the place where students learn to play a band instrument: woodwind, brass, or percussion.  They learn how to listen, read music, understand music, play their instrument, and work as a team.  These students will perform three concerts: Dec. 10th, Feb. 25th, and May 14th.  They will also attend an Oregon Symphony Concert in March!  It is amazing to watch students go from never having touched an instrument to making beautiful music!  
Tutorial Support takes place four days a week, Monday-Thursday, from 2:55-4:10.   There is a range of students who come to Tutorial one or more days in the week.  We focus on a broad range of subjects from Math, Science, Literacy, Art, and Social Studies.  Students can also use the time to read as much as they desire.  Every student has a computer available to use and access to all library resources. 
The goal is to provide a space where students can come to study, feel comfortable, and feel safe while they focus on their academics.  Even though it is an academic centered time, being able to have fun while hanging out with friends is important too.  The expectation of Tutorial is for everyone to be respectful of others’ learning space.  Some students only have the time they are at school to work on their homework.  Homework is the first priority.  Along with getting homework done, each student is asked to read for 20 minutes and work on our district’s math-based computer program (Reflex) for 20 minutes.  The goal is to increase their fluency in both reading and math facts.  When a student finishes what they need and are expected to do, then they have free time until the end of club.  Tutorial students have the choice of playing school appropriate games on the computer, drawing pictures, or free choice as long as they continue to be respectful of the learning space of others.