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Community Learning Center (CLC) » 2020 November's Featured Clubs: Tom McCall Web Design, Yoga & Wellness Club

2020 November's Featured Clubs: Tom McCall Web Design, Yoga & Wellness Club

Web Page Design

Web Page Design Club is where we have fun creating google docs that promote our CLC clubs! There are about 48 different clubs that we will be showcasing each year! Each month we work on gathering information, then creating two separate web designs for that months showcase.

In this club we will also be learning how to import our designs into the Tom McCall Upper Elementary School website. Joining our club gets you special “behind the scenes”access!!


Here in Web Design we make our pages awesome by adding cool colors, fonts, and images. :)



We help you improve your computer skills, and would never give it a virus.
Well you’ve made it to the end. We hope you decide to join us! Bye!!! :)
Yoga & Wellness Club

Let’s be the best we can be… one healthy choice at a time!! 


In Yoga/Wellness Club, we will learn how Yoga can help our body, mind and emotions. Stress is everywhere unfortunately, and exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress, strengthen muscles, and promote better focus and flexibility for our minds and bodies;]  All of our students participating will receive a free Yoga mat;]


Comfortable clothing and a small exercise space are all you will need to participate;]


During club, we will also have some fun activities based on nutrition and our overall well being. We will share healthy recipe ideas, explore seasonal 

self care tips, and simply enjoy being the best we can be!!;]