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2019-2020 Featured Clubs Archive

S.M.I.L.E. Club

S.M.I.L.E. stands for Science & Math Investigative Learning Experience. ​Tom McCall Upper Elementary & Oregon State University​ are partners in offering this club.​ OSU supplies education and materials​ while Tom McCall Upper Elementary supplies the space and the coordination of our students.​ Students take part in hands-on science experiments, applying math concepts​ throughout.​ It is our focus to have fun doing science and math in a safe, supportive, and inclusive community. 


Students in the S.M.I.L.E. Club learn how to work together to solve problems and take an interest in the natural world by visiting the Tom McCall forest and other outdoor sites around our school. We engage in engineering challenges, science experiments and math activities leading up to a ​s​cience challenge each spring.​ The goal ​is ​to encourage students, especially students who have been underrepresented, to look for careers in math and science​, to ​understand​ high level concepts through inquiry, ​to bring ​relevance to students’ lives, ​participate in ​field trips, a​s well as ​​problem-solving ​at ​events on college campuses. Each year our students attend a "science challenge" ​on the campus of ​Oregon State University ​in Corvallis, ​where ​we​ meet and work with students from other S.M.I.L.E clubs. ​Our students are ​supported in the challenge by ​OSU ​college students and​ then​ tour the campus.​ ​Unfortunately our "science challenge" was cancelled this year, ​however​ students had fun participating in the activities leading up to the challenge.



Roots & Shoots Club


Our Roots & Shoots ​Cl​ub is part of Jane Goodall’s international program for youth, now in over 120 countries. Our Tom McCall group is one of the oldest groups in the country. The overarching goal is to empower youth to know and feel that what they do does matter and that they do make a difference. Each group is asked to design and carry out activities that meet the goals of improving our environment, improving the lives of animals (wild and domestic), and improving our human community. With those goals in mind, we have been very active this year. 


We have participate​d in the Student’s Rebuild “Hunger Challenge”, where we have explored the issues of hunger and created illustrated recipes that help raise money for international hunger relief groups. We have made edible chimp enrichment necklaces made of cheerios and dried fruit. These were sent to an Oregon chimpanzee sanctuary. One of our favorite activities is our visits to Nana Cardoon, a local ‘urban learning farm’. ​When we are at Nana Cardoon, ​we explore where our food comes from. We have been part of helping create rich soil, seed and crop harvest, and seen how seasons affect plant cycles. At the end of each visit, we enjoy a delicious, healthy meal together that we created from what is growing locally. Unfortunately, the ​C​ovid-19 school closure has prevented our planned visits this ​s​pring. Whenever the weather permits, we go out to the “Tom McCall Forest” to observe the natural world, sometimes recording observations through ​N​ature Journaling.



Chicas Club


Chicas Club is an innovative youth development program that helps empower Latina girls by assisting in the development of leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, cultural identity as well as to achieve academic success. Our program allows Chicas to grow into their full potential by allowing them to have the safe space to do so. As we meet every Wednesday and Thursday, chicas are encouraged to engage in group activities and discussions that will encourage the cultivation of new skills and experiences. Weekly we partake in after school activities and sessions, weaving in field trips to universities and colleges around the state of Oregon. Our girls are given the opportunity to learn and bond with one another, while developing these skills. Lifelong friendships of sisterhood are formed as they become an integral part of our community. 



Arts & Crafts Club
The Arts & Crafts Club’s purpose is to provide students with the space and tools to be creative and to grow through artistic exploration. Workshops are taught in order to provide students new methods and mediums to further explore art forms, encouraging each student to use their personal knowledge and experiment by combining materials and creating their own projects inspired by their curiosity. The process of creating art is valued over the finished product. The goal is to have fun while crafting and creating. A wide variety of methods and mediums are offered in order to provide options that are inclusive of all students in the Arts & Crafts Club.
Mid City Hip Hop Club

Mid City Hip Hop Club is where students are learning new dancing techniques from breakdance, a form of street dance which plays an integral role in hip-hop culture. Mid City Hip Hop Club was designed with the intent for students to learn the basic steps for each dance style. Each week the adviser for Mid City breakers will demonstrate basic steps to help students understand the purpose of performing basic breakdancing moves. In addition, the Hip Hop adviser teaches students basic hip hop moves.  We combine both styles to create freestyle dance routines. 

Our goal is to guide students to feel comfortable and gain confidence as dancers. At the end of each session, we form a circle and take turns showing our moves. Breakdancing and Hip Hop dancing are a lot of fun, great exercise, and are very impressive if you practice enough to make it look good. We encourage any student to join the Mid City Hip Hop Club. We welcome the Forest Grove Community to stop by and check us out.



Unified Sports Club


Unified Sports Club gives athletes who would not normally be able to play a sport the opportunity to get out, move, and connect with their peers. We promote unity in our community by getting kids with and without disabilities to work together as a team both in and out of the gym. It's our belief that this shows both our Athletes and Partners that we are all equals and that anyone can become a leader and be connected to others beyond their immediate circle. Our students involved in Unified Sport Club will make lifelong friendships as well as gain the skills needed to be successful leaders in our community. 


Fun/Juegos Club
The Fun/Juegos Club provides a safe and fun environment for all students that come. Our club’s focus is to provide a stress​ ​free environment where students are able to be themselves​,​ enjoy their time with peers​ and converse in whatever language they feel the most comfortable in​. At our club you will find students playing games ​like UNO, Connect Four, Guess Who, and ​other ​games in Spanish like Monopoly, Bingo, and La Loteria. ​The Fun/Juegos advisor shares that she enjoy​s​ watching the students laugh and ​hold ​convers​ations ​amongst each other in both Spanish and English. ​When we ask our students in our Fun/Juegos Club what they enjoy and wish to share about their club, they replied that they enjoy playing games with others, learn​ing​ how to play new games, ​that the​ games are fun​, ​playing games sometimes brings out my competitive side, and ​w​e get to make new friends her​e!​ ​Fun/Juegos​ ​is ​a place where ​our students​ ​can "be" without the stress of thinking about homework​ and other daily stressors​. ​We are thankful that we have a club that allows students to speak in their preferred language while​ shar​ing​ a couple of laughs​ with their peers​.
Origami & Doodle Club
Origami & Doodle Club at Tom McCall began long ago as an Origami Peace Crane Club. At the beginning of each year, we learn the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. After the bombing of Hiroshima, Sadako became ill with leukemia. In the hospital, she hoped to fold a thousand paper cranes because legend said it would bring good fortune and health.  Sadako's memory lives on as a statue in Hiroshima's Peace Park, usually draped in paper cranes, engraved with a wish for peace in the world. In honor of that ideal, every meeting of our club begins by folding a paper crane. After that, we either learn a new form of origami or a new idea for drawing. Some days we focus on an art concept like proportion. Other days we learn to sketch cartoon figures.  We even learn about other fun things to fold, like hexaflexagons! Sometimes the folds get frustrating however we love it when they suddenly fall into place!
Chicos/MESA Club
Chicos/MESA Club is ​intended t​o provide students underrepresented in the fields of mathematics, engineering, science, and technology with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to develop their talents, explore technology-based careers, enter college, and compete successfully in the workforce.​ ​Chicos meets ​once a week after school and we utilize our time to hear about our peers struggles and fun activities during their week/end. 25% of our time goes to socialize, play soccer or basketball and the rest is used to learn STEM related content. As part of Mesa Oregon, our Chicos are participating in a challenge called “Health ​H​eroes”. Using coding skills and other technology like the Grove Starter Kit for Arduino, our ​C​hicos are using the Design Process to create an “invention” that can help their “client” (a healthcare provider) solve a particular issue the encounter in their field. Our club has decided to build a “Pill Counter” to help pharmacists count pills faster and more accurately. This month we will be attending our Demo Day​ which is Oregon MESA's only annual competition that is open to the public and allows for the community to come and check out the amazing work that students have done so far in the year.
Freestyle Dance Club

Freestyle Dance is a club where students express their love for music and dance. We meet once a week and each week we pick a different style/category of dancing. The last few weeks we have created many simple/basic routines for hip hop, cake pop and pop dance.We start each session with a quick warm up. Our students are encouraged to bring new ideas each week to showcase and introduce them to each other.

In Freestyle dance there is no pressure for students to perform in front of huge crowds. We only perform within our own group. Each day we decide as a club what we feel like dancing to. The goal is to guide our students to feel comfortable and gain confidence, encouraging them by dancing in groups three or duals. Each week we see our students growing confidence as dancers. Parents are welcome to stop by and check us out.



Gaming & Design Club


In the Gaming & Design Club we use the website to explore the realm of programming.  It uses buttons instead of code to convey various instructions. Students can rearrange and repeat the buttons to create their own program.  It lends itself well to making two dimensional game formats, though it can also be used to create the more popular three dimensional environments of some modern games.  Multiplayer games can be made but only if they run on the same computer.


A main focus of our club is finding ways to tie this tool to the interests of our students. Some of the games they enjoy online can be recreated using Scratch, though without the online multiplayer functionality.  The system can also be used to create music or animations for those students less interested in gaming. A cartoon dance video can be made as easily as a game. We hope to challenge students to recreate games they like using Scratch, or to create other media.  We hope that they find this tool, and programming in general, a rewarding way for them to express themselves.



Soccer Club


Our CLC Soccer Club is all about having fun while improving our soccer skills. We invite all soccer levels and abilities. While some of our students have played on competitive teams, others have never played soccer before. Our encouraging, fun environment allows all students to excel at their own comfort level.Our time in club is divided between small and large group games, which allow students to learn and practice many different skills. Dribbling/ball control, passing, spacing, goal kicks and team sportsmanship are all a part of our daily games. When our weather allows, we venture out to our brand new Tom McCall Futsal Court, which is located on our campus. This was a generous donation to our school given by our local Portland Timbers!! 

Being a part of a team has many positive benefits. We'd love to see your child on Mondays or Wednesdays.
TMUES Beginning Band
TMUES Beginning Band is the place where students learn to play a band instrument: woodwind, brass, or percussion.  They learn how to listen, read music, understand music, play their instrument, and work as a team.  These students will perform three concerts: Dec. 10th, Feb. 25th, and May 14th.  They will also attend an Oregon Symphony Concert in March!  It is amazing to watch students go from never having touched an instrument to making beautiful music!
Tutorial Support
Tutorial Support takes place four days a week, Monday-Thursday, from 2:55-4:10.   There is a range of students who come to Tutorial one or more days in the week.  We focus on a broad range of subjects from Math, Science, Literacy, Art, and Social Studies.  Students can also use the time to read as much as they desire.  Every student has a computer available to use and access to all library resources. 
The goal is to provide a space where students can come to study, feel comfortable, and feel safe while they focus on their academics.  Even though it is an academic centered time, being able to have fun while hanging out with friends is important too.  The expectation of Tutorial is for everyone to be respectful of others’ learning space.  Some students only have the time they are at school to work on their homework.  Homework is the first priority.  Along with getting homework done, each student is asked to read for 20 minutes and work on our district’s math-based computer program (Reflex) for 20 minutes.  The goal is to increase their fluency in both reading and math facts.  When a student finishes what they need and are expected to do, then they have free time until the end of club.  Tutorial students have the choice of playing school appropriate games on the computer, drawing pictures, or free choice as long as they continue to be respectful of the learning space of others.
Chess & Games Club
Chess & Games Club meets each Monday with 5th & 6th grade students for two hours weekly for 30 weeks. This Club is a collaboration between Portland's nonprofit organization, Chess for Success and FGSD, serving as “an educational program that uses chess”.  We value process over outcome as it is not just about winning.  Mr. Ruiz coaches our Chess & Game students, teaching sportsmanship as well as the strategies. Our students have the opportunity to participate in neighboring chess tournaments, broadening their skills and experiences with peers that love chess and games as much as them. The goal is that students play continual chess in a pressure-free environment. 
Yearbook Club 
Yearbook Club staff and students have been working hard in laying out our aspirations for this year's annual yearbook.  In our brainstorming, we have decided that besides the obvious & expected things like portraits, we want this year's volume to contain more memorable items and details, so that when we all look at it ten years from now, we'll have information & context for what we see...rather than scratching our heads and saying, "what was that?" If you are interested in purchasing a Yearbook, please send a $16.00 check with your child to our front office and we will reserve one. Yearbooks are distributed the last week of school.