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Dental 3 is coming to Tom McCall -Dental 3 llega a Tom McCall

Dental 3 is coming to Tom McCall -Dental 3 llega a Tom McCall
Tom McCall Upper Elementary

Please return a signed permission slip to use this free service.
Services include:
Free dental screening– Our dental professional looks in the student’s mouth to check the
overall health of teeth and gums.
Free dental sealants– Coatings put on the student’s back teeth to prevent cavities.
Free Fluoride– Brushed on teeth, this vitamin makes teeth stronger and prevents cavities.
Why you should sign your child up for free services:
Healthy teeth are important to your overall health.
When dental sealants are done in school, you miss less work,
and your child misses less school.
Dental sealants are done by dental care professionals.
See your dentist at least once a year.
For more information,
please call us at 503‐521‐7166

The Electronic Consent form is also available now in English and in Spanish. Click here to share the link to the electronic consent form.

The Problem: Cavities
 Cavities are the most common childhood
 About 50% of children aged 5‐11 years have
at least one cavity1
The Solution: Dental Sealants
 Students who receive sealants have 50%
fewer cavities than students who do not2
 Fluoride application prevents 43% of
cavities in permanent teeth and 37% of
cavities in baby teeth3…

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